Ron Pullins

Ron Pullins is a publisher and writer. His work has appeared in several journals. This novella first appeared as a stage play.

The Boss is Dead

It's here, at last, exposed! the whole stinking, fetid, painful, unexpurgated story of life in the fast-food-biz lane. In the grind of the working-for-minimum-wage lane. In the working-for-the-boss-you-hate lane. Who hasn't had this dream? You think the picture on the cover is the boss? Wrong! It's the night grillman who thinks he is free at last, free at last.... When Pullins was first hired into publishing, the national sales manager of the publishing company asked him if he thought selling books was going to be any different from selling hamburgers which he was doing. Because, the manager said, if I thought it was, it wasn't. He was right, although he maybe didn't know it. He hadn't fried any hamburgers.

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