Laura Sakine


Laura Sakine

I think this is where I’m supposed to insert a humble brag but the truth is, bragging is boring.

I’m just a regular girl. When I’m not writing or moming, you can find me absorbed in a romance novel. I LOVE romance. I love love. And I love writing about love.

I especially love writing YA romance because no one on this planet loves harder than a young adult. If you're here because you've read my YA romance, thank you so much. I'm so grateful!

Laura is the author of two YA romances It Must Bee Love and Bee in Love and we often have signed copies in store!

It Must Bee Love

Being in love with your brother's best friend isn't that big of a deal... until it is.

Bee's been in love with Adam Stanson for like, ever. She was happy to go on day-dreaming about him for the rest of her life -- having long ago accepted that he would never see her as anything other than his best friends kid-sister. But everything changes the summer before her freshman year of high school when she walks up on him holding her journal -- the one she'd written his name in -- in every possible font type.

Things only become more complicated when Adam switches into her study hall, choosing to sit at the desk right next to hers -- where he enlightens her on things like love and dating and why she should stay single until college. Despite suspecting that something has totally shifted between them, Adam still has a girlfriend -- a mean girl who has always had it out for Bee.

Bee finds herself knee-deep in the murky waters of teenage romance, overwhelmed in the best and worst kinds of ways. She learns that getting her dream boy and keeping him might be completely different battles -- but it's one she'll gladly take on.

True love takes sacrifice, after all. Pretty sure that Romeo and Juliet had a rough go of it too.