Sara Codair discusses her new young adult fantasy, "Power Surge"

Sara Codair has written a powerful young adult novel in POWER SURGE, with a story that moves deftly between our world and the paranormal, mixing in fantasy and adventure and the occult.  A teen realizes that the world of mermaids and pixies he/she thought he/she was dreaming might actually be real -- that grandmother might actually be an elf who is trying to block the rest of the family's "sight", that demons are beginning to run amok, and that the world needs saving. And there are strong LGBT themes. This is a book you just can't put down. 

Sara Codair teaches writing at Northern Essex Community College, and has over 40 short stories both online and print , including Once Upon a Rainbow, vol 2.   On her (their) website Sara writes "I’m not a fan of gendered pro-nouns or gender stereotypes. I’m not a fan of labels, but if your looking for one to stick on me, things like non-binary or gender fluid since I don’t identify as one binary gender or the other.  Most of my family and friends still refer to me as she/her, but I prefer they/them, especially when I see things written about me in third person."


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Friday, October 12, 2018 - 7:00pm
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Jabberwocky Bookshop
at the Tannery, 50 Water St.
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