Curt Sayers

The River and the Port: Newburyport by Local Photographer Curt Sayers

Newburyport contains a rich assortment of beautiful architecture and scenery and this book is a collection of Curt's' favorite images taken through all four seasons and from sunrise to the middle of the night.The River and the Port... is a compilation of full color images of Newburyport and vicinity taken over the last few years, most of them taken during long walks with his girlfriend Cindy and Ben, her cocker spaniel. This is not a collection of postcard-type images. Many of the most familiar Newburyport and Merrimac river scenes included in the book have been photographed from a different perspective. Several shots are images stitched together digitally to give broad sharp views of the brick blocks of downtown and Merrimac bridges. Quite a few additional images are of less well known locations that appealed to Curt personally. The breadth and quality of the images make it appealing to people who live (or have lived) in the area as well as visitors who want to be able to remember the beauty of the area - when they return home.

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