Distorted Perception (Paperback)

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"Action is fueled by kerosine but the storytelling is patient, designed to be savored throughout a smooth and steady unfolding."-Writer's Digest, 2022 Book Awards-"Exciting and keeps the reader guessing all the way through who is on what side and how it's going to play out. -Writer's Digest, 2022 Book Awards-

Distorted Perception is a political thriller novel in the vein of Tom Clancy and George Orwell. It's an action packed roller coaster read with a heavyweight intellectual punch. The story's themes center on the omnipresence of propaganda, the value of truth, and the illusory nature of power.

"Entertaining, intelligent and realistic. The great plot and characters keep you turning the pages as fast as you can, but it's also a very deep book. Distorted Perception offers a great deal of wisdom and insight into the operations of world leaders and the systems that we live our lives under."

Distorted Perception, offers a uniquely authentic view deep behind the curtain of modern political campaigns and into a world of epic danger.

Political pro, Rex Nash, is forced on the run and must take on a group of cartels, black mail networks, and assassins before they steal the presidency and murder the woman he loves.

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"Multiple plot lines that grab the reader and won't let go, diversity of characters, unique plots, high levels of apparent authenticity, international settings, high stakes for several of the characters not to mention the world. There is plenty here to keep the reader turning pages as fast as they can read. Overall 10 out of 10" -2021 Royal Palm Literary Award Competition, FWA-

"Snowling does an exemplary job at luring readers into the corrupt inner workings of Panamanian politics in DISTORTED PERCEPTION, an intriguing political thriller with a large cast of intense characters, dangerous situations and political intrigue. 4.5 out 5" --Indie Reader-

"This book is just absolutely fascinating to read, it's a great read. The chapters go very very quickly my friends. It's perfect for the beach. Perfect for the front porch. Perfect to read by the pool and wherever you are, Distorted Perception." Jake Smith (The Jake Smith Show WGMD 92.7 FM & 98.5 FM)

"The pacing is awesome - could hardly put it down to sleep or eat" - 2022 Writer's Digest Book Awards-

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ISBN: 9798985581317
Publisher: Great Story Network
Publication Date: June 21st, 2022
Pages: 264
Language: English