The Kramski Case (Paperback)

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Praise from top Amazon reviewers:

"Bottom Line: 5 Stars for entertainment and originality, these days I seldom lose sleep over a book unless it is truly exceptional and I was up far past my usual bedtime to finish this." - Douglas C Meeks, Amazon US Top 500 reviewer.

"An immensely well-written, fast-paced and obviously thoroughly researched tale, with an exciting plot, interesting and intelligent characters and some extremely skilful (and often humorous) dialogue." - Hal Marshall, Amazon UK Top 100 reviewer.

Sergei Orlov is an ex-Red Army colonel and a decorated war hero, who also happens to be one of Russia's most prominent human rights activists.

It's a pretty impressive CV, so it's too bad that, for a crime that shouldn't exist, he's serving twenty years in one of the state's toughest prisons. Convicted of defamation of government officials and extremism, he looks set to rot inside.

Even so, the last thing he wants is a ticket to the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately for him, the British government has requested a Russian observer in a police probe into a series of cross-continental murders of paparazzi, and he has anonymous, idealistic friends in the Kremlin, determined to get him out of jail. If that means installing him temporarily in a mediocre country with a hankering for empire's past glories, well, so be it. Since the killer - whoever he or she is - is also a thorn in Vladimir Putin's side, everyone wins.

In any case, who said life had to be meaningful? Or interesting?

But maybe this time it is. Because this particular rabbit-hole contains more twists and turns than any Orlov's ever been down. Pretty soon, he discovers there's an awful lot more at stake than the lives of a few photographers.

Like the future of any free society whatsoever.

"Espionage, murders, intrigue, and of course hot romance are billowing out of nearly every page ... James Ward has polished his style well and knows when and how to turn up the heat."- Grady Harp, Amazon US Top 50 Reviewer, Vine Voice and Hall of Fame Reviewer.

"A masterfully crafted plot with well-developed characters, natural dialogue, and plot twists and action at every turn ... If you like your thrillers smart, entertaining and gripping, this book won't disappoint." - Sam G, Amazon US Top 1000 reviewer.

"From a Bond lover ... terrific " - Jay Mittener, Amazon US Top 500 reviewer.

"There is clarity about the writing and the world view that feels like a breath of fresh air." - Adam "Mr B", Amazon UK Vine Voice.

"A great book for reading on the train, and is a welcome light relief in these dark and gloomy days " - MRN Shackelford, Amazon UK Top 1000 reviewer.

"This was a terrific thrill ride of a book." - Liz Wilkins, Amazon UK Top 500 Reviewer.

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ISBN: 9781717823366
ISBN-10: 171782336X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 18th, 2018
Pages: 390
Language: English