Unraveled: A love letter to those finding their way (Paperback)

Unraveled: A love letter to those finding their way By Deanna Lorea, Anna Bennett (Contribution by) Cover Image
By Deanna Lorea, Anna Bennett (Contribution by)
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"What if you are afraid to be free? You feel pulled to the unknown yet taking that first step into what appears to be darkness, keeps your feet planted firmly in what is known. What is it that calls to you from uncharted territory? Who is it? In a rush to what is familiar, you become attached yet again, to another thread. Each thread represents one year, a belief, an identity, a persona, trauma, and successes. Imagine...every concept you thought to be true, begins to erase itself. Where would that leave you? Each thread of your life carries identity. When your perceived identity becomes unraveled, what would be left staring back at you in the mirror? Unraveled reveals what is left and if nothing else is left to unravel perhaps, this is when you reach peak freedom. The elimination of the full picture yields space for someone new to be revealed. What's left is uncharted territory. Will you be curious to dive into the uncharted? Deanna Lorea wished no credit be given to her as she states "I am only the vessel. God spoke to me through my experiences while becoming undone and told me to write what He was revealing to me. A year later, He told me it was time to release it. I had no idea that this book was already completed." She considers herself a means by which He wanted to get His word to believers and unbelievers. "There is more already being written as part two of this three part series unfolds. We are all becoming undone and I want to help make your UnDoing normalized and celebrated." Shedding layers of domestication, years of pain, and self-made identity is never easy, but you have people going through this with you. Join The Undoing Community with the QR code. Your people are waiting to celebrate the Undoing and Becoming of you.
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ISBN: 9781662870774
ISBN-10: 1662870779
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: April 30th, 2023
Pages: 218
Language: English