The Distinctive Home: A Vision of Timeless Design (Paperback)

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Jeremiah Eck believes that distinctive homes are a result of a balance between site, floor plan, exterior elements and interior details," The Distinctive Home" is arranged by each of these four key elements, with examples of each. His tone is accessible and friendly, taking the homeowner by the hand and walking them through each element. Eck's practical and thoughtful approach to home design will enable the homeowner to articulate exactly what they require in order to create a house that reflects their needs, lifestyle and spirit.
At the end of each chapter, Eck profiles a house in detail, showing how the four key elements work together to create a truly distinctive home. After reading "The Distinctive Home," people will not only have a clear picture of what they like, but they'll understand and be able to communicate "why" they like it. He's a passionate advocate for better-designed houses, and this book will encourage people to rethink the houses they build and create a lasting impression on those who experience them.
PRAISE for "The Distinctive Home":
"If you enjoy beautiful color photos of uniquely designed homes that are not outlandish, you'll love reading, "The Distinctive Home....most readers will say "wow" upon inspecting the unusual designs and reading Eck's explanations. This book is filled with ideas for those wishing to build or remodel a home and make it unique....On my scale of 1 to 10, this superb book rates a solid 10."
--"The Chicago Tribune
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ISBN: 9781561587391
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Publisher: Taunton Press
Publication Date: April 4th, 2006
Pages: 234
Language: English