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I love love love Alice Oseman's writing so much. Alice Oseman has fundamentally changed my life. Loveless follows college freshman Georgia as she navigates her world turning upside down. She's never been in love (at least she doesn't think so) and she is trying everything to be more like her roommate who is so out there and going to parties and dates every single night. What Georgia doesn't know is that while she has only two close friends, her roommate doesn't have any close friends at all and they are all just acquaintances. Georgia reexamines her life and sees that her friendships are so deeply felt because she is asexual and doesn't have any romantic interest towards anyone (even though she wishes she did) and that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. I related to Georgia so deeply that when I first read this book I read the first few chapters and then proceeded to not pick the book up for three whole months because of how real it was. But if anything I learned that you can't just avoid your problems (like me and Georgia) but that you have to face them head on even though they can be uncomfortable! Please take care reading this book, it is so wonderful, but it did make me cry several times.

— From Kendra's Brilligs


For fans of Love, Simon and I Wish You All the Best, a funny, honest, messy, completely relatable story of a girl who realizes that love can be found in many ways that don't involve sex or romance.

From the marvelous author of Heartstopper comes an exceptional YA novel about discovering that it's okay if you don't have sexual or romantic feelings for anyone . . . since there are plenty of other ways to find love and connection.

This is the funny, honest, messy, completely relatable story of Georgia, who doesn't understand why she can't crush and kiss and make out like her friends do. She's surrounded by the narrative that dating + sex = love. It's not until she gets to college that she discovers the A range of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum -- coming to understand herself as asexual/aromantic. Disrupting the narrative that she's been told since birth isn't easy -- there are many mistakes along the way to inviting people into a newly found articulation of an always-known part of your identity. But Georgia's determined to get her life right, with the help of (and despite the major drama of) her friends.

About the Author

Alice Oseman was born in 1994 in Kent, England, and is a #1 New York Times bestselling writer and illustrator. She is the creator of the popular Heartstopper series, which is now streaming on Netflix as a live-action TV show. Alice is also the author of four YA novels: Solitaire, Radio Silence, I Was Born for This, and Loveless. Visit her online at
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ISBN: 9781338751932
ISBN-10: 133875193X
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Publication Date: March 1st, 2022
Pages: 432
Language: English