Drawing Close: The Fourth Novel in the Rosemont Series (Paperback)

Drawing Close: The Fourth Novel in the Rosemont Series By Barbara Hinske Cover Image
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How much would you sacrifice to save the life of a child?

In the fourth novel of best-selling author Barbara Hinske's beloved Rosemont series, Maggie Martin faces her biggest challenges when her future at Rosemont and the life of someone dear to her are at stake.

Fighting to eradicate the corruption in Westbury has left Mayor Maggie Martin drained. A sweet respite in Cornwall, England, with her new husband is exactly what she needs. Their flight hasn't left the tarmac, however, before another betrayal by her late husband Paul Martin comes to light. His lies turned their life together into an illusion, but this new revelation could put the lives of her children in jeopardy.

While Maggie weighs the option of telling them about their father's deceit, her nemesis Frank Haynes is getting closer to uncovering the truth. Though his goal of claiming Maggie's coveted Rosemont estate is clearly in sight, a potential for love has him contemplating whether he should release his lifelong dream.

Can both Frank Haynes and Maggie Martin find happiness? Or will the enigmatic Haynes use Paul Martin's lies to ruin her?

Product Details
ISBN: 9780996274760
ISBN-10: 0996274766
Publisher: Casa del Northern Publishing
Publication Date: July 25th, 2016
Pages: 276
Language: English
Series: Rosemont